Why Aspida

Between January 2014 and May 2015, 815 healthcare workers contracted the Ebola virus while treating infected patients. According to the WHO, 78% of them died.

With their experience in nuclear containment (Arch of Chernobyl), chemical containment (SECOIA chemical weapon dismantling facility) and biological containment (Spiez and Cébio BSL4 laboratories), combined with their work on the new Highly Infectious Diseases Ward at the Lyon Hospital Trust (HCL), John and Guillaume saw, in 2018, that they could do something to save lives. That’s how ASPIDA was born, to protect mankind and his technologies against all types of contamination, without compromise.

Our mission

Aspida means “shield” in Greek. This choice of name is a symbol of protection and assurance.

Since 2018 Aspida has been developing ultra-critical containment solutions, in particular containment systems for highly infectious patients. Using proven technologies, ASPIDA offers a new approach to achieving a clean environment. Energy savings, low noise and optimized costs are just some of the key benefits of the solutions developed for your projects.

Aspida has also invested in excess of €450,000 in R&D, registered 6 patents and invested in 1 FabLab, 3D printers & laser cutting.

Unique expertise thanks to a team of industrial designers who have won multiple awards at CES in Las Vegas and Red Dot Design, and a scientific committee of university professors, doctors and industry experts.

Our values

At ASPIDA, we want to help those who haven’t had a shield to protect them when they needed it. Those who suffer from health and humanitarian crises such as epidemics. We donate portion of our profits to a number of charities. Notably Hope4Ebola, which helps children in Sierra Leone orphaned by the recent Ebola crises.


ASPIDA is a company open to cultures and experiences from a variety of environments. It’s our ability to be curious, to cultivate the “why not” and the “what if” that will continue to revolutionize controlled environments.


Some of our projects may involve working on the prevention or remediation of serious issues (e.g. epidemic crises). The aim of this ASPIDA value is to ensure that its teams, customers and supply chain partners are always satisfied and happy to work together.


Whether within our teams or with our customers, we are committed to recognizing and explaining where our limits are. Integrity reflects humility. It is essential to the success of the sensitive, large-scale success of the sensitive we work on.


A core value for us, wisdom is our way of ensuring the right approach towards our corporate strategy and the perception of our products and decisions. A humanised approach to respecting an ethos shared by our partners, customers and employees.