Reinventing ultra-clean spaces in the pharmaceutical, biotech, space and food industries…

Benefit from our innovative approach as well as new technologies to rethink your own cleanrooms, adapting them to the operational needs of your projects.

ERA Deployable

ERA Evolutif

ERA Special

A new generation of modular, deployable cleanrooms


The innovative ERA technology platform simplifies air management. Ultra-clean workplaces become energy-efficient and quickly accessible, whatever their geometry.

Our 360° air distribution approach adapts to high-risk process areas to effectively dilute and homogenize particles in the work volume for

best quality performance, optimal operator comfort and minimum environmental impact.

Thanks to the combination of multiple modular air treatment systems, structures and digital control, the new ERA cleanrooms accelerate the competitiveness of your production resources in controlled environments (biotech, medtech, batteries, MTI zones).

Controlled environments tailored to cleanroom requirements



ERA offers high-performance cleanroom solutions that are durable, pre-qualified, quick to install, autonomous (TRH, pressure, lighting…), perform up to ISO 5 (according to ISO 14644-1: 2015) and can integrate the utilities required for your processes.

ERA’s 100% flexible design makes installation quick and durable. It adapts to existing processes without interrupting operations.

Energy-efficient, its environmental footprint is particularly reduced compared with conventional installations (lower energy costs and lower carbon footprint).

Our ERA system is quick to install and dismantle, and requires no downtime or cleaning of your cleanroom.

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Making ultra-clean accessible and meeting every challenge


Thanks to our R&D teams, ERA can also adapt to the requirements of complex innovation programs (space, biotech, nuclear, etc.) that were previously impossible using traditional cleanroom methods.

ASPIDA provides turnkey technological and industrial development (quality documentation, prototyping, manufacturing, qualification…) of special customized solutions.

ERA’s control and monitoring system, combined with a range of sensors specific to controlled atmospheres (0.5 to 2.5 µm particles, temperature, humidity, etc.) ensure traceability, easy configuration and anticipation of maintenance operations.