The emergence of epidemic risk pathogens requires a flawless response and infrastructure. ASPIDA’s patented innovations bring the biological protection of patients and caregivers to the level of a biosafety laboratory.


Agema - Solution de purification d'air chambre d'hôpital



Hoplite - déploiement d'infrastructures hospitalières pour prise en charge de patients hautement infectieux

Agema instantly converts a hospital room into a negative pressure room with high air change rates.

Through a new method of air diffusion and pressurisation of the room, Agema achieves unparalleled efficiency in reducing airborne contamination (90% decontamination in 3 minutes instead of 14 minutes). Faster, more efficient and more comfortable for the patient, Agema’s innovative system also allows you to avoid any contamination of the corridor.

With AGEMA+ SAS, convert an entire hospital ward into an infectious unit that is secure and confined from the rest of the hospital « 

Pelta, an all-in-one solution for the containment, diagnosis and care of highly infectious patients.

Prevent the risk of disease outbreaks with a kit that can be easily stored and deployed in less than 20 minutes. Transfer confirmed patients safely and without breach of containment with Kairos.

Hoplite increases your capacity for hospitalisation, intensive care and intervention.

A solid, bio-safe infrastructure capable of handling large numbers of infectious patients over the long term. Hoplite allows you to obtain 15 to 30 additional beds in 20 days while respecting traditional hospital standards. Hoplite can be deployed and reused anywhere at any time.