The emergence of new and mutated pathogens presenting an epidemic risk calls for exacting responsiveness and infrastructure. ASPIDA’s patented innovations bring biological protection for patients and healthcare workers to the same level as a biosafety laboratory.




Hoplite - déploiement d'infrastructures hospitalières pour prise en charge de patients hautement infectieux

AGEMA revolutionizes the conversion or creation of positive or negative pressure intensive care rooms.

AGEMA combines two essential functions for protection against airborne and BWR infectious hazards: ensuring an appropriate pressure cascade between the chamber and circulation areas & reducing the concentration of particles in suspension in the chamber and service.

PELTA, an all-in-one solution for the containment, diagnosis and care of highly infectious patients.

Prevent the risk of an epidemic with a kit that can be easily stored and deployed in under 20 minutes. Transfer high risk patients safely and without breach of containment using Kairos.

HOPLITE increases your capacity for hospitalization, resuscitation and intervention.

A reliable, bio-secure infrastructure capable of handling large numbers of infectious patients for long term care. Hoplite enables you to increase critical care patient capacity by 15 to 30 additional beds in 20 days, while reaching traditional hospital infrastructure requirements. Hoplite can be deployed and reused anywhere, anytime.